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Dental Facts

â–ºCertain cheeses including Aged Cheddar, Swiss and Monterey Jack, have been found to protect teeth from decay.


â–ºIf you don’t floss you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth surfaces.


â–ºThe earliest record of tooth decay was described by the Sumerians as “tooth worms”. There is also historical evidence that around 2700 BC, Chinese acupuncture was used to treat tooth pain.


â–ºA tooth that has been knocked out starts to die within 15 minutes, but if you put it in milk or hold it in your mouth it will survive longer. See a dentist ASAP!


â–ºTooth Decay is the 2nd most common disease in the U.S. after the common cold.


â–ºAccording to “Consumer’s Report”, Dentist’s are among the 5 most trusted professionals in the U.S. 

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