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Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is a procedure that may save an infected or damaged tooth.During the procedure, the nerves and blood vessels are removed from the root canal which is cleaned and shaped then sealed. The tooth remains alive, getting nourishment from remaining tissue in the gums and jaw. This is your final opportunity to save your own tooth, and to avoid more expensive and complex treatments such as implants.
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  Check out these popular myths!
1st Myth: Root canal treatment is painful. Root canal treatment relieves pain. Somehow the term “root canal” has become synonymous with toothache symptoms instead of the treatment which is usually comfortable. Symptoms other than pain? Visible trauma, swelling, and temperature sensitivity.
2nd Myth: It’s better just to remove the tooth – it will have to come out eventually. No ... and no. Root canal treatment is 95% successful. Removing a tooth will lead to shifting teeth and bone loss or the time and expense of restorations.
The fact is, we can save the roots and the tooth. If you are suffering with pain due to fear of any dental procedure, call us! We’ll quell those fears and have you smiling in no time!

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